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Health & Safety

When buying products online it is very important to carefully read all ingredients and safety information before purchasing any products. We cannot guarantee we have a 100% allergen free area from all allergens if they are within any of our products. Please contact us at Hello@earthjiinda.com prior to purchase to confirm if you have allergies.

No. All blends are for external use ONLY. DO NOT use internally or ingest any of our blends (or any essential oils) they are not for human consumption.

Yes and no there are certain oils that should not be used during pregnancy. Two main oils that should be avoided during pregnancy (before 38 weeks and or active labour) is Clary Sage and Jasmine. These oils can stimulate and begin labour contractions, a few selected of our birthing oils contain these oils and should only be used once active labour has commenced. We have a blog post on pregnancy and oils for more information around oils that should be avoided during pregnancy. All ingredients are marked and labelled on all individual products, and safety information with birthing kits please read all products carefully before use. For any concerns always contact your medical health professional to discuss suitability for individual circumstances.

Yes and no. Breastfeeding Mum's should only use oils that they are happy to use on their children. It is anticipated that 1% of Essential Oils used will pass through the breast milk. It has also been known that Peppermint can decrease the milk supply of breastfeeding Mums, so remain cautious. Please read all ingredients and safety instructions. We do have a beautiful “Milky Mumma” blend that is very fast acting in assisting in boosting of milk supply.

Some blends may have possible sun or skin sensitivity, and all products should avoid contact with the eyes. If pregnant or suffering with a medical condition you should always consult your general practitioner and or medical professional prior to use.

In the unlikely event of any kind of reaction please discontinue use immediately and seek medical advice. Please always patch test when using any new products to avoid a reaction. If poisoning occurs, contact 131 126 immediately for advice.

No, the dilution is very different from adult to child and adult blends should never be used on children.

Shipping & Product information

It is important to store your oils in a cool dry place, upright with the lid screwed on tightly. Avoid direct sunlight as this can affect your oils especially oils with clear glass- please take this into consideration when purchasing infused oils like I am Woman. Always keep all products stored below 30c

Unfortunately right now, we currently only ship Australiawide.

Our shipping charges are based on the delivery method, size, weight, as well as the delivery destination.

We have a shipping rates calculator that's available when you add items to your cart, so you can estimate the cost before the checkout process!

All products are small batch and are ready to ship within 5-6 business days, depending on if you select standard or express shipping will determine postage length. All products are shipped with Australia postal service. 

Working with me

Simply head to the commission/bulk order tab and fill out the contact form. From here i will send through further information and our enquiry form to better connect and determine if our businesses align.

Head to Nyami yarning circles and fill out the contact form and i will be in touch.