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Our goal is to provide self determination amongst our Aboriginal women birthing the next generation.

In 2022 it is my goal along side the rest of the Happy Boxes team to incorporate more cultural and womxn centered support to our fellow Aboriginal mothers during their pregnancy birth and their postpartum journey.

Providing culturally safe spaces for both mum and bub to ensure we are providing self determination, confidence and support for Aboriginal mothers to raise our babies our way. The coming together of Aboriginal women for women's business is so important to wellbeing of both mum and bub. Our connection to culture, country and one another is the setting stone for a healthy and connected wellbeing.

How can you support us support these initiatives ?

If you would like to help give back to community please consider donating directly HERE to support financially towards our workshops or alternatively purchasing one of our donation products that will be gifted to our Aboriginal mothers during their journey by simply purchase a donation above.

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