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“Ngaya yaam Jame, proud Gumbaynggirr nyami. I am extremely passionate about creating a safe space for Goori women to simply “be” together unconditionally, free of judgements and expectations.”

Wellbeing Women's Circle

Coming together in women’s circle is a group practice of deep inner listening, connecting & self reflection. The space creates a safe space for Goori women in a setting that is relaxed and women not only feel comfortableto yarn but a calling to share and hold space with one another, to support one another with things that may be troubling them or to celebrate and honour in one another’s successes. Through her skills and knowledge as an aromatherapist and lived experince as a mother of four, Jame knows the essential need for pampering our women and a gentle approach of guided cultural meditation to connect with country, one another but most importantly to self. As Aboriginal people we are storytellers and the practice of storytelling is our healing. When provided the right environment we can heal, discover ourselves, our connection to both our community and individual identities. Healing together through nyami yarning circles , this space is unconditional, comfortable & culturally safe for mob.

Get in touch with me today and see how we can work together to continue the work of supporting Goori women's wellbeing.