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My name is Jame, descendant of Harry and Pearl Kelly, Proud Gumbaynggirr Nyami of yellow rock. I am the founder and operator of Earth Jinda. I am many things but most importantly I am a Miimi to four deadly junuy Gamambi. Second to that I am also recognized as an Aromatherapist, Artist, space holder for women and advocate for continuity of cultural maternal care for Aboriginal mothers and their families. 

I am extremely intuitive and blessed to have the spirit of my grandmothers running through my blood and a long line of Intuitive matriarchs walking with me always. Deeply connected to my culture, country and kinship, my Ancestors walk and talk through me always. I am passionate about using my work and platforms to support mob, Striving for change in women’s health and the birthing spaces for Aboriginal women and their families.

All my products have been created to bring alternative options to support our mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing focused around mental health and maternal care. As an Aromatherapist and Aboriginal mother I pull from both worlds to create a range aromatherapy and herbal offerings. All of our products are cruelty free, Australian made, ethically sourced and packaged with as minimal waste as possible.

Earth Jinda is all about sharing myself and my creations through what I have had passed onto me, my connections, lived experiences and my continuous learnings and teachings. This business is everything that I am, I measure the success of the business not just by being able to support my family but what I can offer our community and other Blak communities nationwide.

We now have a donation section for products and a link to support our programmes in community. Please take a moment to have a read on our donation page, support my mob and many others across the country. If you are interested in partnering with Earth Jinda, getting behind our programs or you just want to have a yarn email me at Hello@earthjiinda.com. Alternatively you can follow our journey through our social media account @earthjiinda.

Yarri Yarrang,

Jame Telfer