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by Jamie Telfer January 03, 2021 3 min read


My name is Jame Telfer, I am the eldest granddaughter of Harry Kelly and descendant of Harry & Pearl Kelly and Alfred & Clara Boney. I acknowledge and pay my respects to my Gumbaynggirr Ancestors and Elders every day as I stand a very proud Aboriginal woman, as well as paying respects to our Anaiwan Ancestors and nations of my bloodline also.

I am also the owner and operator of Earth Jinda formerly known as Earth Blended. Earth Jinda maybe a business or just a brand to the unknown looking in but when you get to know myself and the brand better you will come to see that it is a total embodiment of myself, everything that I am or that I stand for.

It all began many moon’s ago, when I became a Miimi (mother) for the first time. Having children changed my whole outlook and perspective on how I viewed just about everything. Having a small person to care for made me want to question things, to explore and learn more. My first look into motherhood, both my traumatic birthing experience and what followed afterwards was to say the least traumatic, rough and eye opening. After spending the first 12 months in and out of hospital with my first born and being only a baby myself (21) it really made me so much more aware of little everyday things I used or consumed and how much has changed from the way our Ancestors lived.

This is where I first had my peak and curiosity into all the “what else’s” I guess you could say it was my first exploration into the wellness world. The more I explored and the more I learnt, only drew and pulled me closer into my own culture, my Ancestors and the many traditional options for both healing and wellbeing. I feel very passionate about honoring the traditional lifestyle my Ancestors have loved and lived for over 60,000 years. Since my first step into the wellness space I have continued to grow internally, to learn and to be guided by my family and Ancestors. I feel very blessed to have both family knowledge and to have been in a position to study and even have options available to me to continue for further study.

Fast forward a few years and a few beautiful babies added to our mob, to my pregnancy and birth of my third beautiful boy “Reign”. He is our little rainbow baby after a miscarriage, my passion only grew with my experience of not only being pregnant on country and being able to have women's business with my family but to birth my beautiful boy naturally on country after 2 traumatic caesarean births. My passion for birthing on country and healing our Aboriginal women birthing has been like a fire in my belly since. Exploring and creating options for our women to birth freely and connect in birth. With a long history of birthing trauma, I wanted to heal myself and I believe as an Aboriginal woman healing one is the beginning of healing a whole generation. This is where the beginning and the birth of our business began, I like to think since then, both the business and myself have continued to learn, grow, evolve and heal together. Our healing journey certainly isn’t over and my mission and measure of success is based on what and how I can support not only myself, my family but all our communities.

Earth Jinda is now in full bloom please check out our Donation page or the "Pay the rent" option via our link tree to see how you can support healing our communities and helping women connect and feel supported birthing on country.