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by Jamie Telfer March 03, 2021 2 min read

Something I often speak on via our socials, and something that is very difficult to navigate as an Aboriginal mother, especially right now for myself as I prepare to birth again in a few short months is the gaps within the birthing space. When I speak of the gaps in the space, I speak of a system that is totally broken. This does not speak I’ll or down on our amazing people working within the health care industry and space, this speaks of the system that has been built on a colonialism structure that isn’t inclusive of not only our First Nations people but so many other minority groups and women all over birthing.

When I speak, it’s from lived experiences, I speak from my matriarchy, my Ancestors, and my own personal lived experiences. As I step up into this birthing space not just as a mother but in this new capacity, I don’t step in with western degrees but with knowledge and experience to elevate my voice as a Blak woman and advocate change for our women. I don’t speak on behalf nor will I ever speak on behalf of all Indigenous women, but as a an Aboriginal mother I speak for change and I will always hear, listen and raise the voices of my sisters birthing. Ensuring we have culturally appropriate care and support during the four trimesters of motherhood.

Recently I shared some polls in my stories for Aboriginal women birthing,

I asked in what ways you would feel better supported culturally when birthing?

The most important and widely left comment on this was purely just having Blak presence in the space at any capacity. As Aboriginal women we draw strength from one another, a deeper bond to country, community and each other as birthers of the next generation of our future knowledge holders. The difference it makes having a Blak woman present in the another blak woman's birth space is such a huge crucial part of adequate support in the space, and that’s without them even speaking or doing anything at all, just the presence alone speaks volumes.

I am passionate about further speaking the words from our polls spoke by our women in our next blog post. I want to share and raise the voices of our women and our needs, but right now I just want to take time now to acknowledge that we need presence in the space. A lot of women working in the birth space, midwifes, doulas any kind of birth worker and support person please acknowledge this. It is a complete dismissal of our women to take up space because “there isn’t any one to fill a role or the space”.

I am here to tell you WE are here and are ready to reclaim the space and support our women as we always have.

Our practices are scared, Our stories are sacred and our culture is sacred.By anyone other then our woman accessing them it is not only breaking lore but taking up space where our women are needed.

We are here to reclaim space, and ensure all of our women feel safe and culturally supported through pregnancy, birthing and the post partum🦋